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dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Passport rank
Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 1-2 months

Capital required: $200,000

Acquisition: -

Capital required: -

About Dominican Republic Citizenship and Residency

The Residency by Investment program of the Dominican Republic is a legal privilege under the General Immigration Act and its regulations, and the Foreign Investment Act. It exempts a foreign national from the procedure of obtaining temporary residence.


Permanent Residency:

When qualifying for any of these three visa types in the Dominican Republic – pensionado, rentista, or investor – you automatically gain permanent residency without the need to spend any certain amount of time in the country. 


After 2 years of permanent residency, you may be eligible for naturalization, provided that investment/income requirements are still met.

To become a citizen, you will have to be fluent in Spanish, as you are going to attend an interview with an official, where you will state the reasons why you want to be a Dominican citizen, while your knowledge about the country’s values, traditions and culture, and your Spanish skills will also be tested.


Types Of Visas:

Note: The first residency obtained is renewable the 1st year, and from that point on it is renewable at the times specified below.

1 Investors 

Provide proof of investment of at least Two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars (US$200,000.00). In the article Residency for investment in the Dominican Republic. Renewable every four (4) years.

Types of Investments:

  1. By contribution towards the Capital of a Commercial company, following the provisions of law No. 479-08 on companies.
  2. Through an Investment Project, duly certified by the Export and Investment Center (known in Spanish as CIR-RD). On the other hand, if the project is related to a Free Zone, the certification will be issued by the National Council of Free Export Zones (known in Spanish as CNZFE).
  3. Real Estate Investment.
  4. Among other things that could be reviewed depending on the profile.


2. Pensioners and Retirees

The Minimum amount of the Pension or Monthly Income. In order to benefit from the preferential arrangement established by this law, the pensioner must receive a monthly income of no less than one thousand five hundred US Dollars (US$1,500.00) or it’s equivalent in national currency. Allow an extra $250 per month per dependent—renewable every two (2) years.

3. Rentiers

The rentista visa option requires an applicant to have a minimum income of at least US $2,000 per month from any investment-derived income during the past 5 years. Renewable every two (2) years.

To qualify for this visa, you need to show that you get a monthly income from abroad for renting out a property. You’ll need to supply a copy of the rental agreement for that property, a statement showing that you’ve received rent from the person renting the property, and a bank statement.


Benefits Of The Dominican Republic Residency By Investment Program

  1. The privilege of being able to apply for Residence in the Dominican Republic.
  2. The first residence card issued will be valid for one (1) year; however, after its expiration and second (2nd) renewal, its validity will be two (2) years and (4) years for an investor visa.
  3. Dominican Republic migration law states that the main applicant may include his dependents (Family Reunification) in his application.
  4. As per our constitution, the interested party may obtain Dominican Republic Nationality by Naturalization if they meet certain conditions and immigration categories.
  5. Stable economy and favorable tax system (low taxes)
  6. Business opportunities for investors are available in all areas, including tourism, services, imports, and exports
  7. Dual citizenship is allowed. You can keep your previous citizenship after becoming a citizen of the Dominican Republic.
  8. The normal naturalization period is two years. Investors can be naturalized in one year.
  9. Low bureaucracy
  10. Friendly and welcoming people
  11. Beautiful tropical climate all year round and pristine nature.


Dominican Republic Residency Requirements And Qualifications

– Do not suffer from a contagious disease or a mental illness that alters your behavior.
– Clean Criminal record.
– Letter signed before a notary by the Dominican Republic or permanent resident alien in the Dominican Republic that guarantees that you will at no time be charged for the Dominican State. In addition to the expenses of repatriation and others, if necessary, evidence of an insurance policy. This guarantee must include any dependents too.
– Bank letter stating that you have a bank account at a Dominican bank.
– Receipt of foreign currency income to the country and original certification of the receiving bank in the Dominican Republic.
– For foreign bank deposits or foreign financial institution remittances, account number, average annual balance, time that the account has been open, and a certified copy of the investment certificate.
– For investments in foreign entities, a certificate issued by the company that certifies that the investment provides stable and permanent income for a period of no less than 5 years, in addition to the documentation proving you as a shareholder or owner.
– For foreign real estate income, proof that you have permanent income from abroad for a period of no less than five years, through an original of the contract of rent and a copy of the original title of the property.
– For foreign currency securities in DR, a certificate issued by the financial institution authorized to operate in the Dominican Republic that certifies that these interests provide you with stable and permanent income for a period of no less than five years.
– For national/foreign currency securities, a certificate issued by an institution certifying that these profits obtained by investment in securities will provide a stable and permanent income for a period of no less than five years, in addition to the copy of the securities issued in foreign and/or national currency, but whose capital has been generated abroad.
– For DR real estate, certification is issued by deed registration on the property purchased in the Dominican Republic and a copy of the deed.
– For real estate investments that yield dividends and interest, certification of these investments.
– For rental income, you must deposit the lease duly registered or legalized, in addition to proof that the money invested in real estate investment comes from abroad. Receipt of currencies to the country, by a copy of checks or notice of transfer of financial institution, established abroad.


Steps And Timeline

Step 1. Gather all documents for the visa application.
Foreign documents must be apostilled or legalized at the Dominican Consulate depending on the jurisdiction. Documents in a language other than Spanish must be translated by the Consulate.
Step 2. Register a company in the country.
Step 3. Open a corporate bank account.
Step 4. Apply/submit an application for a residency visa at the Dominican Consulate nearest to the applicant’s domicile.
-Residency visas will then be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Santo Domingo.
-The Consulate will stamp the residency visa on the applicant’s passport.
-The application file will then be forwarded to the Immigration Department for processing.
Step 5. Within 30 days of arrival in the Dominican Republic, the applicant must go to the Immigration Department with his/her passport to sign application forms, register fingerprints, and undergo the required medical tests.
Step 6. Upon approval of the application as a resident, the applicant will receive a temporary or permanent residency card and a cédula de identidad (national I.D.). In both cases, residents must hold current passports at all times.
Step 7. After one year, you can apply for permanent residence in the Dominican Republic by investment.
Step 8. A permanent residence permit will be issued to you.


Our Services

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Dual citizenship is recognized in the Dominican Republic. You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of the Dominican Republic.

Yes. The dependents of the applicant can be included in the application..

Yes. First, you must apply for a residency visa via the Dominican consulate in your country of origin. Once issued, you have 60 days to plan a trip to the Dominican Republic to complete the second part of the process at the Immigration Department.

When qualifying for any of these three visa types in the Dominican Republic, you automatically gain permanent residency without the need to spend any certain amount of time in the country.

After 2 years of permanent residency you may be eligible for naturalization

In applying for the status of a citizen of the country, you must do well in testing for knowledge of the Spanish language and the history of the Dominican Republic.

No nationality is officially restricted in the country.

Yes. An interview is required when applying for citizenship in the Dominican Republic.