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Frequently Asked Questions


Multiple Passports

Keep your life confidential and obtain multiple passports to enable you to stay away from the prying eyes of the public and various interest groups.

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Privacy World creates your new life with privacy in mind. Your new identity will be custom tailored with the perfect combination of your needs and our creativity.

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Diplomatic Passport

Get the elevated lifestyle you deserve and let us assist you with obtaining a diplomatic passport with some built-in immunity!

We are a global think tank and take advantage of this digital era with a completely decentralized global network of experts. Our network comprises tax lawyers, consultants, ex-government employees, diplomats, and immigration attorneys. The oldest member has as much as 40 years of experience in his respective field.

After we make an assessment that we may be able to help you, the most competent authority (firm) in your case is going to charge you for the provided service but Privacy World will be overseeing the big picture. You will have an exact quote and the scope of the entire process before you pay.

Privacy World is connected with a large network of experts and creates the strategy for you and then executes it in a specific order while gradually bringing in different professionals who will perform their independent duties in the process. Should you have any questions in the process just let us know. 

Our experts have extensive knowledge of privacy safe practices. Since every country has its dynamics, culture, and ways of conducting business, it is of paramount importance that you choose to work with a firm that knows the right people in every country and has an extensive network on the ground.

You bet it is! The truth is that privacy is as expensive as jurisdictions make it for you. Our expert fees represent a small portion of that. We see the big picture and able to get you where you want to be while utilizing the multi-layer identity creation methods that you require while including a multi-jurisdiction involvement. As everyone represents a different background, nationality, and exposure this fee can greatly vary. Contact us for your initial FREE assessment.

It is legal, as long as your country of origin’s constitution allows you to obtain citizenship in the second country, and there are no contradicting statutes.

Yes, some countries allow that. Please visit our Citizenship page where you can choose based on your budget, time frame, and whether you want to obtain citizenship right away or just residency with a pathway to citizenship. In all cases, we highly recommend you reach out to us after that so that we can ensure that what you want to achieve is best achieved by that country’s citizenship program. We may be able to offer something better, less expensive, faster or all of the above.

Yes, absolutely. We have legal strategies for every country, even if their respective government does not have direct citizenship by investment program, our experts can figure out legal ways to get you the citizenship or residency you desire.

Everything is a possibility these days, that’s certainly the case with our firm. We have dedicated staff handling these submissions. Please note that in order for us to remain a key player in this field, we must vet our clientele thoroughly.

Contact us for a free evaluation to see if you have a reasonable chance for your application. We would not want to waste your time and money. Having said that, just in case we decide to start working with you on your application that does not mean that you will be accepted for a diplomatic passport but what we can promise is that you will be prepared for it to the best of your abilities to have a chance in getting one.

Yes, absolutely. Write us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer them. Please note that this reply will NOT constitute legal advice.

Our experts have been in this industry long enough to know with whom they can work efficiently. The network varies greatly, depending on the country typically. Without getting into much details, we have legs on the ground in most jurisdictions to get things done. While we cannot do anything illegal for you, we can certainly expedite things, help you cut through the red tape, or simply have a better insight into your case file that may have been sitting on the government’s desk for a while.

Yes, we may be able to assist. Please send us an initial email and we will respond with what we need in order for us to look into it and to see if we have the right people in that country that you need to move your case forward.

Offshore banking or banking introduction is certainly within our service offerings. Reach out to us and we will help you make the necessary introduction, assist you with reviewing your application and fix it wherever it needs an adjustment so that you will have a much greater chance of being accepted for opening an account. Any continent, any country, just send us a message and put us to work!

Excellent question, however, the answer is a little bit complex. We do this for a variety of reasons:

  • First of all, nobody really “works” at Privacy World. We are a global think tank and take advantage of this digital era with a completely decentralized worldwide network of experts.
  • Experts who represent you are not employed by us. We let them operate in their own respective countries, and fields, but we do have contractual agreements with SLAs built in. This is the best way we can have a global network that will reach every corner of the world for you. We work with a variety of people who represent different layers of the process to expedite / resolve issues related to your case.
  • Last but not least our bottom line and what we stand for: PRIVACY!
    We dissect your case into multiple smaller tasks and in the end connect those dots for you, therefore no ONE lawyer or professional whose service we retain will ever know the full story. This is one way how we create a virtually impossible trace for our clientele.