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United Arab Emirates

Passport rank
Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 2-3 months

Capital required: AED 500,000

Acquisition: -

Capital required: -

About United Arab Emirates Guinea Citizenship and Residency

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most attractive business destinations worldwide. UAE Residency by investment is aimed at providing long-term residence to foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals including specialists, students, and researchers who make a significant investment in the country.


UAE long-term residence visa is available under two time-frames 10-year and 5-year. Here are some eligible categories:

  • Investor – Public Investment, Real Estate Investment
  • Entrepreneurs – Owner of a registered startup, Approved idea of a startup, Founder of a startup that was sold outside or inside the UAE
  • Exceptional Talents – Culture & Art, Inventors & Innovators, Sports, Digital Technology
  • Scientists & Professionals – Scientists, Chief Executive & Senior Officials, Science Professionals, Engineering Professionals, Health Professionals, Education Professionals, Business and Administration, Professionals, Information Technology Professionals, Legal, Social, and Cultural Professionals
  • Outstanding Students & Graduates – Best performing secondary school students, Best graduates from UAE universities, and Graduates of the best 100 universities worldwide.
  • Humanitarian Pioneers – Renowned members of international and regional organizations and associations of public benefit, Recipients of awards in humanitarian fields, Volunteers and sponsors of humanitarian efforts
  • Frontline Heroes – Frontline workers that show extraordinary efforts in crises, such as pandemics.


10-Year UAE Residence Visa for Investors

If you’d like to make an application as an investor, you’re ready to make a public investment of at least AED 10 million.


  • A minimum deposit of AED 10 million in a local investment fund
  • Forming a business with a minimum capital of AED 10 million in the UAE
  • Making a partnership with an existing or a new company with a share value of a minimum of AED 10 million
  • Investing a minimum of AED 10 million in all methods above; the condition is that the investment in sectors other than real estate is not less than 60% of the total investment.



  • You’re required to prove that you have sufficient funds and aren’t getting a loan to make the investment
  • You commit to keep the investment for a minimum of three years
  • You have financial competence of up to AED 10 million


Your visa can be extended to include your business partners. The condition is that if each partner contributes AED 10 million.



UAE long-term visa can include your spouse and children. You can also extend your visa to one executive director and one advisor. International investors are also eligible to apply for a multiple-entry permit for six months.


10-Year UAE Residence Visa for Special Talents

Specialists and researchers in the disciplines of science and knowledge, such as doctors, scientists, and inventors, as well as creative individuals in the fields of culture and art, are eligible. The spouse and children are also eligible. A legitimate job contract in a specialized field of priority in the UAE is required for all categories.



  • If you’re a scientist, you’re required to be accredited by the Emirates Scientists Council. Accreditation from the holders of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for Scientific Excellence is accepted too
  • If you’re a creative person in culture and art, you’re required to be accredited by the Ministry of Culture and Youth
  • If you’re an investor, you’re required to get a patent of value that adds to the country’s economy. Also, note that patents are to be approved by the Ministry of the economy.
  • If you’re an exceptional talent, you need to submit patents or your scientific research that has been published in a world-class journal
  • If you’re an executive, you must own an internationally recognized company, or you must hold a high academic achievement
  • If you’re a doctor or a specialist, you need to meet at least two conditions listed below:
  1.  Hold a Ph.D. degree from the world’s top 500 universities
  2. Have an award or certificate of appreciation
  3. Have contributed to major scientific research
  4. Have published articles or books
  5. Be a member of an organization in your field
  6. Have 10-year professional experience
  7. Be specialized in areas of priority to the UAE


5-Year UAE Residence Visa for Investors

A 5-year UAE visa is available for investors, entrepreneurs, and outstanding students. If you’d like to make an application as an investor, you’re ready to make a property investment. The gross value of the property is required to be a minimum of AED 5 million.


  • You’re required to keep the property for at least three years
  • You’re not allowed to take a loan to make the investment


5-Year UAE Residence Visa for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur with an existing project with a capital of AED 500,000 or have been approved by an accredited business incubator in the UAE, you might be eligible. You can extend your visa to your spouse, children, partner, and three executives.

Under this category, you’re going to be granted a multi-entry visa for six months, which is renewable for another six months.


5-Year UAE Residence Visa for Students

If you’re an outstanding student, you can be eligible for this scheme.


The requirement is that you’ve got a minimum grade of 95% in public and private secondary schools. University students, within UAE and from outside, can be eligible too if they have a distinction GPA of at least 3.75 upon graduation. You can also extend your visa to your family.


Benefits Of United Arab Emirates Residency By Investment Program

  • Gateway to Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and Europe due to the country’s strategic geographic positioning.
  • Safe, secure environment
  • High standard of services and good quality of life
  • Applicants’ spouses and unmarried children, one executive director, and an advisor may be added at no additional investment
  • Among the top 30 countries in the world for ease of doing business
  • Favorable tax regime for investors – with no personal income, capital, net worth, or withholding tax (except for those levied in the domestic banking and oil sectors), and several double-tax treaties in place
  • Good value from real estate investments
  • Streamlined, efficient residence permit system
  • Member state of the United Nations, the Gulf Co-operation Council, and the Arab League


United Arab Emirates Residency Requirements And Qualifications

The requirements and qualifications required to obtain United Arab Emirates residency or citizenship are listed above in the “About United Arab Emirates Citizenship and Residency” section.


Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Get Your Entry Visa to the UAE – if you need a visa to enter the UAE, you can get an entry visa before you submit your official application. Your application will be examined by the authority, and approved, you will be issued a multiple-entry visa good for six months.

Step 2: Complete Your Investment – complete your investment before submitting your application with all required supporting documentation.

Step 3: Start Your Application – once you complete your investment, you can start your application. The application can either be made in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. You can also start your application online through the designated portal. After you complete this process, you’ll receive a text message and an email regarding the status of your application. If there required documents are missing from the application, you’ll be given 30 days to provide them; otherwise, your application will be canceled. In case there are no missing documents in the application, you’ll be notified of the approval and the approved application will be sent by email.


Our Services

Privacy World offers its services to anyone, not only looking to obtain residency and/or citizenship processes but our experts figure out legal ways to:

  • Find the best solution for your needs.
  • Identify and deploy a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.
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  • Provide proper communication with you about your case.
    …. and above all: Offer you legal strategies to provide additional layers of privacy for your identity, while obtaining your residency or citizenship!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in the United Arab Emirates, assisting in getting you settled in the country, and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

Want Privacy World to handle your case? Have any questions? Contact us!

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This takes anywhere between 3-20 days, all depending on how long it may take to conduct your background check. Then receive an entry permit, entry permit is a document allowing you to enter the country for the purpose of finalizing your resident visa process.

Dual citizenship is not recognized in United Arab Emirates. To become a citizen of United Arab Emirates, you must renounce your previous nationality.

Yes, you are required to visit the country to finalized you visa process.

No nationality is officially restricted.

Yes, you can include your spouse and children.

The UAE does not levy a tax on income. Therefore, no need for an income tax return in the UAE as there is no applicable individual tax within the country.

There are currently no wealth/worth taxes imposed on individuals in the United Arab Emirates.

There are currently no inheritance, estate or gift taxes imposed on individuals in the United Arab Emirates.