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San Marino

San Marino

Passport rank
Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 120 months

Capital required: €150,000

Acquisition: -

Capital required: -

About San Marino Citizenship and Residency

San Marino offers Residency for Economic Reasons. Residency for economic reasons is granted to a foreigner who opens a company in San Marino or takes over an existing one. The applicant must be a majority shareholder, employ local workers, and make secured bank deposits.

The permit requires 270 days of physical presence per year, may lead to permanent residency after 10 years, and you can add your spouse and children up to 25 years old in the application. Citizenship is only possible after 30 years of continuous residence. It requires the renunciation of original nationality, and fluency in Italian, and Citizenship eligibility is determined by the Great and General Council, and citizenship cases are investigated individually.


Permanent Residency

The system of permanent residency in the Republic of San Marino is governed by Law no. 118/2010 which provides that the home registry in San Marino may be granted to applicants who fall into the following cases:

  • subject conjugate with San Marino city or child of a citizen of San Marino
  • the titular subject of ordinary residence permit for at least five continuous years (the question of residence may also include some joint)
  • persons holding senior management positions in health care, public security, or in banks, insurance, and financial, as well as the judges of the Court of First Instance
  • those who hold executive positions in companies under San Marino law
  • those who invest capital or have already invested in land in productive activities with guaranteed employment commitment for the purchase of industrial factories, by the production of specific business plans, in research, or areas of particular interest for the State of San Marino.


Permanent residency and residence permits can never be granted in the following cases:

  • if there are criminal proceedings in the Republic of San Marino or abroad for a non-intentional crime for which is applied the punishment of imprisonment or interdiction of more than one year or equivalent penalties abroad.
  • if there is a failure of public order and national security.
  • if he/she was barred from the native country ten years before the application date
  • if she/he has received an exile order for not allowing police control or because he/she commit criminal activities habitually
  • if ten years before the application date the permanent residency or the residence permit of the applicant was revocated for irregularities
  • if the applicant has any impediment to entry, transit or stay in countries of the Schengen area, reported or well-known to the local police.


Residence for Economic Reasons

Those that want to start a business in San Marino without having to qualify as a High Tech Startup can do so by applying for Residence for Economic Reasons. To qualify, you do need to be a majority shareholder of the company and hire from 1 to 3 residents. You will also need to make a secured bank deposit of €75,000 to be increased to €150,000 within two years of obtaining the residency (replaceable with the purchase of property with a lien in favor of the state). This bank deposit may be replaced by a bank or insurance guarantee issued by a San Marino-supervised entity.


Residence for Economic Reasons with simplified procedures

Very similar to the previous scheme, this one was introduced in 2017 for those that want to make higher investments in San Marino. You will need to create 5 full-time jobs and purchase a property already existing at the time of completion of the transaction for a minimum value of €300,000 or a bank or insurance guarantee issued by a San Marino-supervised entity.


Elective Residence

Elective Residence is based on your ability to sustain yourself financially in the territory without having to work. The application process takes less than 60 days. To qualify you will need to carry out and maintain in your name, one or both of the following types of investment in the territory:


  1. Non-Interest Deposit. The deposit should have a 10-year duration. The amount must be greater than €600,000. Also, the amount must be invested in San Marino-issued securities, and a fund specifically designed for this program.
  2. Real Estate Purchase. Applicants must purchase property to use it as a residence for themselves and any accompanying family members. The minimum amount required is €500,000. The amount spent can include a building or a series of units combined. The €500,000 can include costs to make a real estate lot habitable. However, the property itself must cost €350,000 minimum.


Also, San Marino has certain requirements on what the other €150,000 can be spent on. They are:

    • Demolition costs to reconstruct the property
    • Cost to restructure the building unit
    • Cost to finish the unit



Benefits Of San Marino Residency By Investment Program

  • Freedom of movement (but not settlement) within the Schengen
  • Lower taxes
  • Safety and Security
  • Short processing time
  • Enhanced business access to large economies


San Marino Residency Requirements And Qualifications

Required Documents for San Marino Residence Permit

  • Copy of valid identity document and/or passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of residence
  • Certificate of citizenry
  • Certificate of family status
  • Certificate of criminal records and pending charges issued by the court of San Marino and the competent authorities of the country of origin
  • Certificate of employment and related work qualification-with the indication of the time of employment by San Marino health facilities, banking, insurance, financial, or public security institutions
  • Last income tax return of the applicant and any other documentation that can demonstrate the possibility of his/her maintenance
  • The validity of the company
  • Certification of the company in which the reasons for the request are indicated
  • Certificate issued by the employment office of the employees of the company
  • Certificate of the existence of tax pending issued by the tax office


Required Documents for Real Estate Investment

  • Copy of valid identity document and/or passport
  • Preliminary contract or promise of purchase of the factory(s)
  • Expertise certifying the expenses related to the completion of the renovation, or demolition of the factory(s). To be presented only in case of calculable modifications of the real estate unit that can reach the minimum threshold and drawn up by a professional registered in the Register of Engineers and Architects or the College of Surveyors of the Republic of San Marino. The expenses of completion/restructuring/demolition of the building are computable for an amount NOT exceeding €150,000.
  • Bank certificate of possession and immediate availability of the amounts foreseen for law (or €500,000).
  • Certificate of residence
  • General Criminal Certificate of the place of residence
  • Certificate of pending criminal charges, or equivalent document of the place of residence
  • Certificate of fiscal regularity, or equivalent document of the place of residence
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Income tax return or equivalent documentation proving the availability of sufficient resources to maintain the applicant in the Republic
  • Declaration instead of an affidavit. To be issued at the time of filling to the Public Official of the Foreign Affairs Department receiving the application where will be indicated: citizenship possessed, place of residence of the last 5 years, absence of criminal convictions, absence of pending criminal charges, and regular fulfillment of tax obligations in any country.


Notes to consider while applying for a San Marino Residence Permit of Real Estate Investment

  • Documents written in a language other than Italian must be submitted with an attached and apostilled Italian translation.
  • The documents to be considered valid, cannot be dated before 6 months.
  • Any other documents or additions may be requested at the time of filling out the application by the Foreign Affairs Department.


Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Pay online via a secure payment gateway.

Step 2: Submit your documents.

Step 3: Verify, process, and submit your documents to Embassy.

Step 4: Receive your Visa/ Permit.


Our Services

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Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in San Marino, assisting in getting you settled in the country, and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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Yes, dual citizenship is legally recognized in San Marino.

The permit requires 270 days of physical presence per year and may lead to permanent residency after 10 years.

No interview required.

Citizenship is only possible after 30 years of continued residence and requires the renunciation of original nationality.

A resident entities shall be taxed according to a worldwide principle. The taxable income of resident taxpayer is the total income, including all sources of income net of deductible income expenses that are provided for by the new law ( this rule does not apply to exempt income or other specific income). 

The income of non-resident taxpayers is taxed under the territorial principle that is applicable to the income produced in San Marino only.

Foreign nationals may purchase a maximum of 2 real estate units. The purchase of property covered by a leasing contract is not permitted.