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Passport rank
Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 4 months

Capital required: €68,000

Acquisition: 12-36 months

Capital required: €600,000

About Malta Citizenship and Residency

Malta offers citizenship through Investment and Permanent Residency Program (MPRP). Malta’s Citizenship by Investment route now known as the Maltese Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment usually aims at ultra-high net worth individuals.

Investment options available to acquire the citizenship and passport of Malta. 

The main applicant must meet all three of the following conditions:

  • Non-refundable Government Fund Contribution

Under this mode, one can opt for either of these two options:

– Under the Standard Option, an investor must invest EUR 600,000 and hold residency for three years before applying for citizenship

– Under the exception, investors must contribute a sum of EUR 750,000 and hold residency for one year before applying for citizenship

– You will not be allowed to sublet or sell this property during these five years.

– An additional amount of €50,000 is required for each additional dependent.

  • Rent or Real Estate purchase

Under this mode, one has two options:

– Minimum Real Estate purchase value is EUR 700,000 if someone is looking to purchase under this option

– If the investor is looking to go with the rental route, they must lease a property for at least five years at a minimum of EUR 16,000 per annum

  • EUR 10,000 Donation to a non-profit organization

A mandatory donation can be divided between several registered and complaint voluntary organizations. One can donate to any organization approved by the Community Malta Agency. You can also donate to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or cultural non-governmental organization or society.


The Maltese Permanent Residency Program (MPRP) grants permanent residency rights to international investors who make a Government contribution of EUR 98,000 plus a mandatory charitable donation of EUR 2,000 to a Maltese registered NGO, plus applicable fees. Aside from the initial contributions, applicants will also need to enter a property rental agreement for a minimum of EUR 10,000 for five years. The program offers a stable, low-risk investment route to gaining a residency visa in an EU Schengen country. There is also no minimum stay requirement for residency.

Full Contribution Option

  • Rent a property with a minimum annual rental of EUR 10,000 in the South of Malta and Gozo or EUR 12,000 elsewhere
  • Make a government contribution of EUR 98,000
  • Donate EUR 2,000 to a Malta Non-Government Organization

Reduced Contribution Option

  • Purchase property for at least EUR 300,000 in the South of Malta and Gozo for 5 years or at least EUR 350,000 elsewhere
  • Make a government contribution of EUR 68,000
  • Donate EUR 2,000 to a Malta Non-Government Organization

The applicant must also make further government contributions of:

  • EUR 7,500 for each dependent spouse, parent, or grandparent
  • EUR 5,000 for each dependent adult child
  • Government Contribution of €28,000 or € 58,000, depending on the chosen option
  • Mandatory Donation to Maltese registered NGO of €2,000
  • Variable qualifying Insurance, Malta medical insurance

Benefits Of Malta Citizenship and Residency By Investment Program

Citizenship by Investment Benefits

  • No military service
  • No Maltese language tests
  • No citizenship tests
  • Application approval within 3-4 months
  • Full and Permanent lifetime Citizenship in the European Union
  • Family and children can apply under one single application
  • No taxes in Malta unless you decide to live there for more than 6 months
  • EU/EEA citizens are eligible to apply
  • Visa-free travel to over 160 countries including the USA
  • Live, work, study, and settle in any EU member state (Germany, Switzerland, France, Denmark, etc..)
  • Only wealthy, talented, individuals with excellent references are admitted (high rejection rates)

Malta Permanent Residency Benefits

  • Dependents include; spouse or partner, dependent (unmarried) children of any age, dependent parents and grandparents
  • Member of the European Union and Schengen Area
  • Right to reside indefinitely in Malta
  • Eligible to apply for a work permit
  • Free travel within the Schengen Area for 90 days every 180 days
  • High standard education and healthcare system
  • A low-cost and tax-efficient jurisdiction
  • Right to establish a business in Malta
  • No language requirement
  • No education or management experience required
  • Eligible to apply for Citizenship in Malta after 5 years of residence

Malta Citizenship and Residency Requirements And Qualifications

The requirements and qualifications required to obtain Malta citizenship or residency:


  • the Main applicant must be 18 years old
  • Demonstrate good health and undergo a fitness test
  • No criminal record
  • Excellent references
  • Dependents such as a spouse, child (18 or less), adult children (18 or less than 27 years unmarried), and senior parents(aged 55 or above) must be fully supported by the main applicant
  • Not from a restricted country
  • Applicants must demonstrate ties with Malta, including residing in the country with a residence card for 12 months or more
  • Revocation of Maltese Citizenship in the case of:
    – Citizenship acquired by means of fraud, false representation or false documentation.
    – Unlawfully trading or communicating or associating with an enemy or any business linked to an enemy in a war.
    – Act or speech in a disloyal or disaffected way towards the President or the Government of Malta.


  • Be over 18 years of age and a non-EU citizen
  • Meet the qualifying investment requirements
  • Hold the property investment for a minimum of 5 years
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Acquire global health insurance coverage
  • Be in a good health and of good reputation
  • Provide evidence of the source of funds used for the application
  • Have sufficient financial resources to support themselves
  • Provide proof of assets of at least EUR 500,000 with at least EUR 150,000 in financial assets
  • A four-tier due diligence process will be conducted to certify that applicants are in good standing and repute.
  • Original Police certificate with clean criminal record. Required for jurisdictions where the applicant has resided a cumulative period of 6 (even in intermittent periods) over the last 10 years. Interpol, International Criminal Court and other authority checking will be conducted.
  • Not to be likely to cause disrepute to Malta.
  • Not to be denied a Visa to a country where Malta has visa-free access.
  • Not to be a potential national security threat.
  • An undertaking to remit the total required contribution.
  • An undertaking to purchase or rent property in Malta.
  • An undertaking to make investment in Government financial instruments.

Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Preparation and submission of the application documents.

Step 2: Review the application by Maltese authorities and conducting of background checks.

Step 3: Obtain approval-in-principle.

Step 4: Submit proof of health insurance coverage and fulfill the investment requirements

Step 5: Complete the biometrics in Malta and application for permanent residency.

Step 6: Issuance of the permanent residency certificate and card.

Expected application processing time of 6-8 months.

Our Services

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Yes, Malta does allow dual citizenship, so applicants may retain their existing citizenship.

Yes, you can include your dependents; spouse or partner, dependent (unmarried) children of any age, dependent parents, and grandparents.

Yes. To obtain Maltese citizenship, you must hold residence status in Malta for 5 years.

Maltese passport has a 10-years validity.

There is no minimum stay required for Maltese residency. But, the applicant will need to visit Malta to renew the residency permit every year for the first 5-years and then once every 5-years.

Yes, you need to visit Malta on two occasions, once for submitting your biometric data and once for completing the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony.

No. There is no requirement for language or proficiency tests for applicants or their family members.

Applicants who either have a nationality from or have close ties to Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela are not eligible to apply.

The Maltese Government does not require you to pass any interviews.

Yes. But, you’re not allowed to sublet or sell this property during these five years.

Non-residents are only taxed on their income and capital gains from Malta.

Maltese ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta are subject to personal income tax on their worldwide income and capital gains.

Maltese ordinarily resident and not domiciled in Malta are taxed on their income and capital gains arising in Malta and on income arising outside Malta that is remitted to Malta.

Malta does not have any inheritance tax.

Malta does not have any net worth or wealth tax.

Yes, Malta citizenship will automatically pass on citizenship to any descendants.