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Acquisition: 1 month

Capital required: €10,000

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Capital required: -

About Hungary Citizenship and Residency

The Hungarian residence permit may be issued to non-EEA nationals for the pursuit of gainful activity. Non-EEA nationals intending to reside in Hungary and work self-employed or establish a business, cooperative or some other legal entity, or as a member of the executive, representative or supervisory board of such entity, are eligible for a Hungarian residence permit.

The immigration policy of Hungary includes a deal with non-EU countries, like the United States, Canada, and others that allow foreign nationals to enter and stay in Hungary for 90 days within a 180-day period without needing any visa.

The Residence permit has a validity of 3 years, renewable for 3 more years, provided that the resident still conducts an economic activity. Family members can be included (Spouse, child, parent).

Once a Residence permit is obtained, you may apply for an EU Blue card, which will entitle you to travel visa-free across the European Union.

After 5 years of continuous residence in Hungary, you may apply for an EC Permanent Residence card, with a validity of 5 years, renewable. After 8 years of residence (temporary or permanent), you may be eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship. You will be required to pass an examination in basic constitutional studies in the Hungarian language.

Residency Options:

  1. EU citizens can easily become residents of Hungary if they own property or sign a lease agreement.
  2. Non-EU citizens can consider the following options:
  • Obtain a student visa
  • Marriage to a Hungarian citizen
  • Obtain a work permit – sponsorship from an employer
  • Gainful activity permit – through a business plan
  • Residency through investment in Hungarian real estate

– Setting Up a Company (Hungarian Company Formation)

  • The minimum share capital required is approx EUR 10,000 (3,000,000 HUF) to form a company.
  • Just form a new company in Hungary and as a business owner, you can move to Hungary with your family.
  • You must appoint yourself as the company’s director and pay local payroll taxes.
  • Hungary is a business-friendly country and corporate taxes are 10% for small-scale companies.
  • Hungarian companies are given VAT numbers and are required to file taxes every year, based on their worldwide income.

Benefits Of  Hungary Residency By Investment Program

  • Inclusion of qualifying family members, including parents, without age restrictions.
  • No requirement to travel to Hungary. Applications can be lodged at the respective Hungarian Consulate.
  • Fast processing leads to EU permanent residency for life in under 30 days.
  • No physical residency requirements.
  • Fully guaranteed investment returned in full after five years.
  • Free movement throughout Europe’s Schengen zone.
  • You and your family can enjoy the full social benefits within Hungary (health insurance and free education).
  • Have the opportunity to establish a business in Hungary
  • All Nationalities can apply with no restrictions

Hungary Residency Requirements And Qualifications

  1. Establishment of an employment relationship with a Hungarian employer
  2. Valid Workforce
  3. Proof of a Hungarian address
  4. Valid passport
  5. Bank account balance
  6. Declaration of voluntary departure
  7. Prior agreement on employment 
  8. Certificate of professional competence with an official translation (in case the job to be taken is linked to a qualification) 
  9. Proof of livelihood
  10. Have the financial ability to establish a business & support yourself and your family
  11. Register and establish a business within the first year of residency
  12. a business health insurance policy entitling you to full healthcare
  13. 18+ years of age
  14. Good health
  15. No criminal record
  16. Successfully pass due diligence checks
  17. Confirmed investment sources

Steps And Timeline

  • Step 1 Collect all the important required documents and forms
  • Step 2 Schedule an appointment with the embassy at the Hungarian Embassy/Consulate
  • Step 3 Attend the interview and submit the application
  • Step 4 Receive approval and Hungary landing visa
  • Step 5 Travel to Hungary
  • Step 6 Submit biometrics and register accommodation address in Hungary
  • Step 7 Collect residence permit

Our Services

Privacy World offers its services to anyone, not only looking to obtain residency and/or citizenship processes but our experts figure out legal ways to:

  • Find the best solution for your needs.
  • Identify and deploy a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Activate our network of people in the country where you need help without having you search for the best solution or lawyer. We only work with licensed people in every country whom we carefully vet and pass our guidelines and principles of privacy we stand for.
  • Focus on cutting through the red tape and to expedite your process.
  • Provide proper communication with you about your case.
    …. and above all: Offer you legal strategies to provide additional layers of privacy for your identity, while obtaining your residency or citizenship!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Hungary, assisting in getting you settled in the country and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

Want Privacy World to handle your case? Have any questions? Contact us!

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Yes. Dual citizenship recognizes in Hungary. You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Hungary.

Yes. dependents can be included.

After 5 years of residency, you can apply for permanent residency in the country.

It takes 8 years of legal residency before you can apply for citizenship in the country.

There is no nationality officially restricted.

No, there are no language requirements. Only, to be eligible to apply for Hungarian citizenship. You will be required to pass an examination in basic constitutional studies in the Hungarian language.

Hungarian residence permit has a validity of 3 years, renewable.

No. There is no residency obligation to live in Hungary. However, they are free to enter and exit any Schengen country.

Tax residents are subject to income tax on their worldwide income.

Non-residents are only taxed on their income arising from Hungarian sources.