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Следите за миром конфиденциальности – 

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Паспортный разряд
Безвизовые страны

Приобретение: 2-3 месяца

Требуемый капитал: $375,000

Приобретение: -

Требуемый капитал: -

About Mauritius Citizenship and Residency

Маврикий offers residency by investment, this program provides immediate residency permit status to investors who invest a minimum of $375,000.

Investment options available to acquire the citizenship and passport of Mauritius. 

  • The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS)

-The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) is a programme designed to facilitate the acquisition of residential property by non-citizens in Mauritius. The IRS is basically a project for the development and sale of luxurious residential units to foreigners.

– Luxury residential property with a value exceeding $ 500,000 with a land area exceeding 10 hectares is covered under this scheme.

 It provides high-class leisure and commercial amenities and facilities intended to enhance the residential units.

–  IRS provides for a social contribution in terms of social amenities, community development, and other facilities for the benefit of the community.

  • The Real Estate Scheme (RES)

– RES projects offers different type of residences located within exclusive albeit smaller residential developments.

– A foreigner can acquire a residential property in existing RES projects and will be eligible for a residence permit for himself and his dependents if they invest at least  Luxury residential property with a minimum value of $ 375,000 smaller than the IRS units and built on freehold land not exceeding 10 hectares.

– The owners may rent the property, become tax resident in Mauritius and face no restriction on the repatriation of funds or revenue raised from the sale or renting of the property.

  • The Property Development  Scheme (PDS)

– The Property Development Scheme (PDS) is one of the approved schemes, which has been designed to facilitate the development and subsequent purchase of luxurious properties by non-citizens in Mauritius.

– Luxury residential property with a minimum value of $ 375,000 for an integrated project of social benefit to the neighboring community. The projects are subject to strict controls regarding respect for the environment and must focus on ecology.

– On acquisition of residential property for a price exceeding USD 375,000, a non-citizen is granted a residence permit for so long as he/she holds the residential property. The spouse and children below the age of 24 are also granted a residence permit.

  • The Smart City Scheme (SCS)

– The Smart Cities, revolving around the work, life, and play concept, are large-scale mixed-use developments in cosmopolitan conurbations with smart technology and pioneering innovation at their core.

-A non-citizen can acquire a residential unit, being a townhouse, villa, apartment, penthouse, or a duplex within any of the smart cities.

– Luxury residential property with a minimum value of $ 375,000. SCS project must be environmentally friendly living, working, or leisure spaces aimed at generating their own energy and water resources, providing state-of-the-art connectivity, creating smart modern transportation, and reducing traffic congestion.

Post-residency Citizenship Requirements-

– The applicant may apply for citizenship after five years of uninterrupted residence as an existing Commonwealth citizen, with 12 months of continuous residence for the last year before making the application.

– If the applicant is not a Commonwealth citizen, he may apply for citizenship after seven years of uninterrupted residence. The applicant must be physically present in Mauritius for 12 months before applying.

– The processing and approval of citizenship can take up to 12 months in Mauritius. The applicant needs to have good knowledge of English, French, or a local language and there is no restriction on dual citizenship.

– There is a fast track naturalization process for investors who increase their investment amounts to $ 500,000 and who are physically present for two consecutive years without any absence from the country.

Mauritius Residency Requirements And Qualifications

Applicant’s can select alternatively other qualifying options for 20-year permanent residence, the following are:

  •  General investors (shareholders or directors of a company in Mauritius): Initial transfer of $50,000 for a business activity that generates cumulative turnover, for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • High-technology investors (shareholders or directors of a company in Mauritius): Initial investment of $50,000 in high-tech machinery and equipment for a business activity that generates cumulative turnover, for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Innovative start-up investors: Initial investment of $40,000 and a minimum expenditure of 20% on research and development, or register with a Mauritian-accredited incubator with a minimum operation expenditure of 20%, for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Professional investors (expatriates employed in Mauritius by contract): Monthly basic salary with a minimum value of approximately $1,400  (approximately $700 in the ICT sector), for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Self-employed investors (in the services sector and register under the business registration Act 2002): Initial transfer of $ 35,000 to a local bank account in Mauritius, for a 10-year initial residence period.
  • Retired non-citizen investors (50 years or over): Initial transfer of at least $1,500 monthly to a local bank account in Mauritius, for a 10-year initial residence period (or $54,000 over the three-year residence period).


Benefits Of Mauritius Residency By Investment Program

  • Путь к гражданству
  • Minimal physical presence requirements
  • Safe, secure environment with tropical climate year-round
  • Permits dual/ multiple citizenships
  • Более низкие налоги
  • Более низкая стоимость жизни
  • Короткое время обработки
  • English as official language
  • Political and economic stability
  • International schools and universities


Шаги и временная шкала

  • STEP #1: Gathering all the documents required
  • STEP #2: Getting the certification of morality and medical certificate
  • STEP #3: Passing the Due diligence check
  • STEP #4: Getting the approval for the investment in the preferred property
  • ШАГ #5: Submit the application to the Economic Development Board of the Republic of Mauritius


Наши услуги

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    …. и, прежде всего: предложить вам юридические стратегии для обеспечения дополнительных уровней конфиденциальности вашей личности при получении вида на жительство или гражданства!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Mauritius, assisting in getting you settled in the country and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Yes, every citizen is allowed to have dual citizenship in Mauritius. However, you need to ensure that your country o origin allows you to acquire dual citizenship.

Yes, you can include your spouse and dependent children under 18 and as well as your dependent relatives.

Yes, the applicant needs to have a good knowledge of English, French, and the local language in Mauritius.

It takes five years of uninterrupted residence as an existing Commonwealth citizen. If the applicant is not a Commonwealth citizen, he/she may apply after 7 years of uninterrupted residence in Mauritius.

Resident individuals are subject to Mauritian income tax on their worldwide income from all sources. However, income derived from outside Mauritius is taxable only to the extent that it is received in Mauritius.

Non-resident individuals, irrespective of their nationality, income derived from Mauritius sources are subject to Mauritian income tax on all such income.

There are no net worth/wealth taxes in Mauritius. However, an individual whose leviable income exceeds MUR 3.5 million in an income year, in addition to one’s income tax liability is liable to pay a solidarity levy of 5% in excess of the MUR 3.5 million.

There are no inheritance taxes in Mauritius.

If it is a residence permit under the acquisition of property, there will be no need to do so.