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Acquisition: 1-2 months

Capital required: $100,000

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Capital required: -

About Zimbabwe Citizenship and Residency

In order to lawfully take up residence in Zimbabwe, foreign investors are required to obtain an Investor Residence Permit from the Department of Immigration.

Foreign nationals may make applications for registration as citizens of Zimbabwe on condition that: They have ten years of legal ordinary residence in Zimbabwe and such applications are made in person at the offices of the Registrar General of Citizenship Zimbabwe. Those applying for Zimbabwe Citizenship must be ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe.

Investor Residence Permit:

An investor’s residence permit is designed for companies or foreign nationals who wish to invest in a Zimbabwean business or start up an investment project. The investor’s residence permit is granted for a maximum of 12 months and is renewable in-country.

Investment Options:

  •  Establish a business in Zimbabwe by investing offshore capita and equipment to the sum of US$100 000 in a joint venture with a local.
  • a technical expert (who will have worked in Zimbabwe on a valid work permit for a period of not less than 5 years and has invested not less than US$100,000.00.
  • a person who invests US$1 000 000.00 (One million) and above.

NB. The investment thresholds are subject to change on review.

Eligibility Requirements

a) Two certified passport-size photographs of the applicant;

b) A certified copy of the investment certificate from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority;

c) The individual’s brief biography, clearly stating the applicant’s background in education, employment, investment in the country of origin and other pertinent issues;

d) The applicant’s recent banking history in the form of bank statements from the country of origin;

e) Proof of ready and sufficient funds available for transfer in furtherance of the venture;

f) Proof and value of any equipment to be transferred for use by the joint venture company in its operations;

g) Two fully completed Residence Permit application forms which must be attested by a commissioner of oaths or a notary public;

h) The Certificate of Registration/Incorporation of the joint venture company;

i) A copy of the project proposal;

j) A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate;

k) The applicant’s recent chest X-ray certificate;

l) Proof of residential status of the indigenous partner in the mining venture;

m) The applicant’s recent police clearance from the country of origin;

n) A letter addressed to the Principal Director of Immigration requesting the issuance of the Investor Residence Permit;

o) An indigenization clearance letter from the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment;

p) A statutory fee of US$500.00.

– Copies of all documents should be sufficiently authenticated. Those from outside Zimbabwe are to be notarized in the prescribed manner while those from within may be certified by commissioners of oaths

– All translations should be in English and copies of original documents should be tendered

– Translations should be done by reputable institutions (preferably government entities)

– All extensions should be done three (3) months prior to the expiry of the current permit

Permanent Residence:

  • A person who has resided or lived in Zimbabwe for a continuous period o five years on a residence permit or on a dependent residence permit is eligible for a permanent residence application.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You need to live in Zimbabwe for a continuous period o five years on a residence permit or on a dependent residence permit.
  • You should be in good health.
  • Applications are not considered while applicants are in the country.
  • You need to pay the processing fee.

Document Required:

  • A non-refundable statutory fee of US$500.00 on submission of the application.
  • In the case of married couples, divorcees and widows, marriage, divorce, and death certificates are required respectively.
  • A valid Radiological Certificate confirming the applicant is free from active pulmonary tuberculosis is required.
  • A valid Radiological Certificate confirming the applicant is free from active pulmonary tuberculosis is required.

Benefits Of The Zimbabwe Residency By Investment Program

  1. Permanent residency after 5 years.
  2. Dependents can also apply for a residence program.
  3. Allows its holder to enter and re-enter Zimbabwe and remain in Zimbabwe until the permit expires.
  4. Obtain citizenship after 10 years of residency.

Zimbabwe Residency Requirements And Qualifications

The requirements and qualifications required to obtain Andorra residency or citizenship are listed above in the “About Zimbabwe Citizenship and Residency” section.

Steps And Timeline

Step 1. Prepare your application/Documents for submission

Step 2. Fill out your application form online

  •  Select an appointment date
  • After completing the Online form the applicant will need to ensure all supporting documents are in order and needs to be handed in when submitting on your appointment date.
  • Make a fixed service fee. For every applicant is payable online only via debit/credit card or EFT or pre-payment at the bank using the unique system generated

Step 3. On the day of your appointment, plan to arrive 10 minutes early at the Visa Application Centre. Bring your appointment letter and documents, along with a valid passport.

Step 4. Biometric Data Collection.

Step 5. After submission, you can track your application online.

Our Services

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Yes. Zimbabwe now allows its citizens to hold Dual Nationality – that is, the right to become a citizen of a foreign country and to hold two (or more) passports.

Yes. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership or occupation in Zimbabwe. Section 71 (2) of the Constitution provides that every person shall have the right to own all forms of property.

Under Article 38(2) of the Constitution, any person who has been continuously and lawfully resident in Zimbabwe for at least ten years and who satisfies the conditions prescribed by an Act of Parliament is entitled to apply to be registered as a Zimbabwean citizen.

It takes 5 years of residency to obtain citizenship in the country.

The investor’s residence permit is granted for 12 months. Renewable.

The Zimbabwean tax system is currently based on source and not on residency. Income derived or deemed to be derived from sources within Zimbabwe is subject to tax. Non-residents who do not have a place of business in Zimbabwe may, however, be subject to withholding tax (WHT).

A rate of 5% is charged on the value of estates exceeding USD 100,000 (or ZWL equivalent), effective 1 January 2022. Exemptions from this duty include the value of a family home and certain life insurance policies.