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Passport rank
Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 240 months

Capital required: $200,000

Acquisition: -

Capital required: -

About Qatar Citizenship and Residency

Qatar offers residency by investment, the Investment Promotion Agency in Qatar recently revised the conditions for Qatar Permanent Residency by Investment to attract more foreigners to the country. As such, citizens from overseas can purchase properties worth at least USD 200,000 in 25 areas of Qatar and obtain temporary residence. In the case of investments of USD 1 million, applicants can enjoy the benefits of Qatar Permanent Residency by Investment like complete healthcare plans and free education. Such a program allows candidates to bring their family members too.

A residence permit in Qatar can be obtained as soon as you move to the country. The process of issuing a residence card in Qatar is not complicated, here are some basic facts about Qatar:

  • Temporary or Permanent residency for Investment purposes. Investment of at least USD 200,000 to gain permanent residency in Qatar.
  • Type of Investment available for residency purposes. Real Estate investments, business formation, or relocation.
  • Minimum Investment amount. USD 200,000
  • Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence. 20 years for non-Qatari born outside the state, 10 years for applicants born in Qatar.
  • Documents for obtaining permanent residence. the standard form offered by the Qatari Immigration office, current residence permit, valid passport
  • Naturalization requirements. residency for at least 20 years, clear criminal record, financial means, an application made inside Qatar, knowledge of the Arabic language
  • Citizenship requirements after permanent residence. Living at least 25 years without interruption in Qatar
  • Dual citizenship is not permitted.


Permanent Residency Conditions

  • The applicant should complete 20 years in Qatar on a legal residence permit if he/she is born abroad and 10 years if born in Qatar.
  • Enough income to cover expenditures of him and his family.
  • Good behavior and reputation and should not have been convicted of a final verdict on any dishonorable offense inside Qatar or abroad.
  • Knowledge of the Arabic language
  • Limited quota of 100 Permits per year


Permanent residents have the right to healthcare, invest in commercial activities of the nation’s various economic sectors without a Qatari partner and the settlement rights passed to family members even after the death of the investor.

Expats are eligible to apply for a permanent residency in Qatar by purchasing USD 200,000 worth of real estate property in the country, as per Law No.16 of 2018 on the regulation of non-Qatari ownership and use of the real estate. Freehold ownership for non-Qatar nationals is permitted in certain areas.


Business Visa

A business visa is issued to those who come to the country for business and investment purposes. This visa is valid for one month only and it is non-extendable. To apply for a business visa to Qatar, you first need to fulfill the eligibility requirements. These criteria are the guidelines that must be followed at the time of visa application. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You must have proof of business ownership and purpose of visit
  1. You must have proper proof of your business enterprise to show it to the authorities,
  2. If you have been invited to a business conference or to attend a business or client meeting, an invitation letter from the company must be provided to the embassy.
  • You must meet the health requirements 
  1. You must be healthy enough to travel to Qatar.
  2. You must perform a medical test before traveling to the country and provide relevant documentary proof.
  • You must meet the character requirements
  1. You must be of good character and have genuine intentions behind doing business in Qatar.
  2. You need to provide relevant documentary proof for the same as well (if asked) in the form of a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).
  • You must have sufficient funds
  1. You must possess or have access to sufficient funds to be able to cover your stay and other expenses in Qatar.
  2. Bank statements or any equivalent document are to be submitted as well as proof of the same.


Benefits Of Qatar Residency By Investment Program

  • possibility of staying outside the country for longer than 6 months
  • Complete and free access to education and healthcare (family members included)
  • Permanent Residency
  • Tax-free country, No taxes on income and 10% on business income
  • Entrepreneurs can invest and start companies in many economic sectors that are normally granted only to nationals.
  • High standard of living, with excellent facilities, modern infrastructure, and a mix of local and cosmopolitan culture.
  • World’s third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves.


Qatar Residency Requirements And Qualifications

Documents required for Qatar business visa

  • Original passport with a validity of at least 6 months ahead of the date of travel.
  • Visa application form, filled
  • Colored photographs as per the photo specifications
  • A cover letter with all the required details from the invitee company
  • Confirmed flight tickets
  • Income Tax Returns proof
  • GCC Medical certificate
  • Detailed Itinerary
  • Invitee company’s registration
  • Proof of accommodation- invitation letter, hotel reservation
  • Proof of purpose of visit- invitation letter, exhibition, or conference pass
  • Proof of sufficient funds- bank statement or any other equivalent document
  • Proof of identification and nationality- PAN card, Adhaar card


Documents required for Investor Residence Visa

  • Copy of valid passport
  • Letter from concerned authority mentioning investment
  • Good conduct certificate of the application and children above certified by the concerned authorities
  • Proof of passing the medical examination outside the country as per the mechanism specified by the concerned authorities
  • Pay appropriate fees.


Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Visit the official website of the Qatar Embassy online

Step 2: Fill out the Qatar business/investor residence visa application form.

Step 3: Attach scanned copies of the required documents as per the type.

Step 4: Submit the documents along with the application form online.

Step 5: Pay the needed visa fee for the processing.

Step 6: Receive the visa by email after the completion of the process.

When you are filling out the forms, you must make sure that the information provided must be correct and must match the details in the documents and the passport. If incorrect or false information is detected, there is a possibility that the visa may get rejected.


Our Services

Privacy World offers its services to anyone, not only looking to obtain residency and/or citizenship processes but our experts figure out legal ways to:

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  • Identify and deploy a strategy to help you accomplish your goals.
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  • Provide proper communication with you about your case.
    …. and above all: Offer you legal strategies to provide additional layers of privacy for your identity, while obtaining your residency or citizenship!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Qatar, assisting in getting you settled in the country, and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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Qatar does not recognize dual citizenship. Holding another citizenship may lead to the revoking of Qatar citizenship.

A permanent residency is issued only for foreigners living in Qatar for at least 20 years, fluent in Arabic, and with a clear criminal record. 

Yes, you need to be fluent in Arabic.

In Qatar, you would have to be a legal resident for 25 years to be able to apply for citizenship, and if you’re not a Muslim, you shouldn’t even bother.

Resident individuals are not subject to tax on their income and capital gains, provided that income and capital gains are not derived from business activities. Business income and capital gains are taxable in Qatar.

Non-resident individuals, other than Qatari and GCC nationals, are taxed only on their business income in Qatar.

There are no net worth taxes in Qatar.

There are no inheritance taxes in Qatar.