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Visa-free countries

Acquisition: 3-6 months

Capital required: $70,000

Acquisition: -

Capital required: -

About Malaysia Citizenship and Residency

Malaysia offers residency by investment program, which is known as Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H). In this program, the foreigner is allowed to obtain a long-term visa (10 years) by investing in the country. The MM2H program rules depend on the age of the main applicant, applicants need to pass a background check and medical test and buy a health insurance policy. Applicants are required to demonstrate the capability to support themselves financially in Malaysia without seeking employment or government assistance. The program also allows the main applicant to include their spouse and dependent children under 21 in their application with no extra deposit. The MM2H program does not offer a path to permanent residency or citizenship, Malaysia may accept a request for naturalization from individuals who have physically resided in the country for 10 of the preceding 12 years and who have adequate knowledge of the Malay language. And Malaysia does not permit dual citizenship.

The MM2H program rules:

Applicants under 50 years of age, must deposit an amount of MYR 300,000 (USD 67,226) in a Malaysian bank account. After one year they must keep a minimum balance of MYR 150,000 (USD 33,613) throughout their stay in the country. The rest of the amount is spent on the purchase of a home, education, or medical expenses.

Applicants above 50 years of age, must either open a fixed deposit account of MYR 150,000 (USD 33,613) or provide evidence of an MYR 10,000 (USD 2,240) monthly pension from an offshore account. From the second year onwards, the applicant must maintain a minimum balance of MYR 100,000 (USD 22,408) throughout their stay in the country. As in the previous case, the rest of the amount can be spent on the purchase of a home, education, or medical expenses.

All MM2H applicants must have a Malaysian sponsor to support their application and pay Personal Bond (up to MYR 2000).

Benefits Of Malaysia Residency By Investment Program

  • Straightforward, efficient residence by investment program
  • 10-year, multiple-entry, renewable visa, with a minimum stay requirement of 90 days per year
  • Ability to include a spouse and children who are not married and under 21 years old
  • Multicultural population
  • Option to purchase any number of residential properties, from MYR 300,000 (USD 70,000) to MYR 1 million (USD 235,000), which varies from state to state
  • Taxation only levied on income sourced in Malaysia, and an extensive network of double tax agreements in place
  • Safety and Security
  • Short processing time

Malaysia Residency Requirements And Qualifications

The requirements and qualifications required to obtain Malaysia residency are listed above in the “About Malaysia Citizenship and Residency” section.

Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Pre-submission – Apply online, fill up the form and you can download the relevant forms and necessary documents that need to be attached to complete the application.

Step 2: Submission of documents – There are two ways to submit your MM2H application. One, you can self-submit, second get a licensed agent who will assist you with the entire process. The agent can act as your sponsor and pay for your bond.

Step 3: Conditional Approval Letter – Upon successful submission of all the documents, you will be issued a Conditional Approval Letter by the MM2H center, Immigration Department. This approval letter may take 4-5 months to be issued.

Step 4: Arrival in Malaysia – Arriving in Malaysia with your Conditional Approval Letter, you must follow through with the remaining documents within 6 months. The first thing you must do is to set up your fixed deposit account and submit your Fixed Deposit Certificate to the MM2H Authority.

Step 5: Visa Collection – After submitting the remaining documents, you can collect your visa from the MM2H Immigration Center.

Our Services

Privacy World offers its services to anyone, not only looking to obtain residency and/or citizenship processes but our experts figure out legal ways to:

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    …. and above all: Offer you legal strategies to provide additional layers of privacy for your identity, while obtaining your residency or citizenship!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Malaysia, assisting in getting you settled in the country, and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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No, Malaysia does not allow dual/multiple citizenships. To become a citizen of Malaysia, you must renounce your previous nationality.

Yes, the applicant is allowed to include their spouse and dependent children under 21 years of age.

Yes, the applicant is required to visit Malaysia.

No language skills required.

No nationality is officially restricted.

No interview required.

Must have resided in Malaysia for 10 of the past 12 years, including the twelves months immediately preceding the application.

An individual, whether tax resident or non-resident in Malaysia, is taxed on any income accruing in or derived in Malaysia.

The Malaysian government has decided to provide a tax exemption on foreign-sourced income for individual taxpayers.

There are no net wealth/worth taxes in Malaysia.

There are no inheritance taxes in Malaysia.