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Acquisition: 4 months

Capital required: €30,000

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Capital required: -

About France Citizenship and Residency

France does not have citizenship by investment, but the country has a residence permit program. You cannot obtain a residence permit in France by investments in securities, bonds or the purchase of housing.

Approved individuals get a residency permit that lasts 4 years. After 8 years, getting a permanent residency is possible. However, France does allow citizenship following 5 years of residency with different sets of criteria.

A French passport can be obtained by a law-abiding citizen of another country over 18 years old who lives, works and pays taxes in France for five years.

The first step towards citizenship is to obtain a residence permit. The status allows you to stay in the country and entitles you to certain activities like work or study.

A residence permit is mandatory for everyone who comes to France to stay more than three months. The residence permit is valid for one to ten years. After completion, the status can be renewed.

Citizenship is available after five years of permanent residence in France with a residence permit status. In order to fulfil the condition of permanent residence, one cannot leave the country for more than six out of ten months.

Investor Visa

A residence permit card by investment is issued for four years. After that, the status can be extended if the investor’s company continues to work and jobs are saved.

Investors are not required to live in France permanently and prove their knowledge of the language if they do not want to obtain citizenship. They can apply for citizenship by naturalization under general conditions.

The Investor must:

  •  investing at least €300,000 in fixed tangible or intangible assets.
  •  investing either directly or via a company in which you have at least a 30% shareholding.
  • own at least 10% of the company in which you are investing.
  •  creating or protecting (or committing to create or protect) jobs within the four years following the investment.

Applicants must have:

  1. Completed application forms;
  2. Three recent photo IDs, 25×45 mm;
  3. Passport and identity card (copies of all identification pages);
  4. Birth certificate;
  5. Marriage certificate;
  6. French administration documents supporting the immigration program “contribution économique exceptionnelle”;
  7. Documents confirming you satisfy the conditions according to the French laws (R313-20 CESENA);
  8. Motivation letter;
  9. Residence tenancy agreement (or purchase agreement) in France;
  10. Health insurance coverage for one (1) year in France;
  11. Business and financial plan;
  12. Bank certificate attesting you have sufficient funds to live in France.

Business Creation and Start-up Programme

Entrepreneurs also have other options for investment, apart from the possibility of opening a business under the conditions mentioned above. These include making a direct economic investment in a recipient company:

  • Applicants are required to invest a minimum of €30,000 into the creation of a real and serious business in France. (The company can be commercial, artisanal or industrial. )
  • The investor must also be educated to a master’s degree level at minimum.

Benefits Of France Residency By Investment Program

  • Family members can live, work and study in France
  • Travel within the European Union and receive medical services.
  • Together with family members, they are able to receive the status.
  • free education and healthcare.
  • The spouse and dependents of the investor may also be included in the application and may take up employment in France.
  • No education or language requirement
  • Pathway to obtaining Citizenship after 5 years of residence in France under general conditions.
  • Permanent residency after 8 years.
  • Visa-free entry to all members of the Schengen agreement.

France Residency Requirements And Qualifications

  1. Investors over 18 with an official source of income
  2. no criminal record
  3. Provide evidence of financial resources equal to the French annual minimum wage
  4. Create an innovative startup project and incorporate a legal entity in France
  5. Provide proof of the source of funds used for investment

Steps And Timeline

Step 1. Preparation of the visa and residence permit application.

Step 2. Visa application. To be submitted to the consulate or French Embassy.

Step 3. Visa issued

Step 4. Arrival in France

Step 5. Residence permit requested online on the website

Step 6. Residence permit issued

Step 7. Stay maybe extended


Applicants are advised to apply relatively early, but no earlier than three months before the planned date of arrival in France.

Processing timescales can vary from one consulate or embassy to another.

Our Services

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Yes. French law permits dual nationality and does not require foreigners who obtain French nationality to give up their original one.

Yes. The spouse and dependents of the investor may also be included in the application and may take up employment in France.

France does not offer a real estate visa. Buying property in France is not considered an investment with a path to residency and will never turn into citizenship.

The permit has a validity of 4 years, renewable.

No, there is no requirement for the French language.

Yes. Applicants must know the french language when applying for permanent residency or citizenship in the country.

No. Only the spouse and the children can be included.

Yes, the applicant must be 18 years old.

Residents of France are taxed on the entirety of their income earned from French sources or foreign sources.

People in France who are not tax residents are only taxed on income from French sources.