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Acquisition: 1 month

Capital required: 20,000 kn

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Capital required: -

About Croatia Citizenship and Residency

Croatia is a modern economy, able to quickly adapt to all current challenges, with a focus on the future. A beautiful and well-developed nation that offers the twin benefits of a pleasant lifestyle and investor-friendly policies to investment immigrants. A member of the European Union, becoming a permanent resident of Croatia offers easy access to other member countries as well as other developed nations.

Residence Investor program:

Inclusion of Family Members

The Croatia Residence Investor Program’s applicant can include these family members when seeking temporary and permanent residence permits:

  • Spouse,
  • Persons living in a common law marriage by the Croatian law,
  • Unmarried children including adopted children, and
  • Dependent parents

Documents Required for Croatia Residence Investor Program

  1. Valid proof of identity
  2. Copy of valid travel documents
  3. Evidence of adequate financial resources for the sustenance of the applicant and his/her family in Croatia.
  4. Proof of adequate health insurance.
  5. Proof of educational background and qualifications
  6. Proof of family relationship, marriage, or partnership with spouse or partner.
  7. Proof that relationship with dependents
  8. Non-EEA nationals seeking temporary work and stay permit outside the annual quota must submit the following additional documents
    1. Proof of ownership of at least 51% of a company carrying out strategic investment projects in Croatia.
    2. Proof of registration of the company or its branch in Croatia
    3. Medical certificate issued by a doctor recognized by the Belgian Embassy or Consulate

Company formation:

a. minimum share capital for establishing a joint stock company is HRK 200,000, where the nominal value per share may not be less than HRK 10.

b. minimum share capital for establishing a limited liability company is HRK 20,000, where the nominal amount of a business share may not be less than HRK 200.

c. No minimum capital is required when setting up a limited partnership or a general partnership in Croatia.

Before registering a company in the court register, every founder must pay at least one-quarter of share capital in cash, where the total amount of all payments in cash may not be less than one-quarter of the share capital. Cash deposit must be entered in full within one year of entering the company in the court register.


  • Candidates must provide a detailed business plan before the application for residency in Croatia.
  • Croatian authorities will ask for information on the source of investment for the company.
  • In order to be able to operate on the market, you need a business permit, guaranteed by the authorities, if the above requirements are met.

Permanent Residency Permit

There are no minimum investment requirements to obtain temporary or permanent residence in Croatia.

  •  Prove he/she has sufficient or adequate income to sustain living in Croatia without applying and asking for public funds.
  • Health insurance is required to join this program


According to the Croatian Citizenship Act, foreigners that fulfill the following conditions may apply for Croatian citizenship:

  1. They are more than 18 years old
  2. They no longer hold their foreign nationality or have submitted evidence that he or they will be released from their foreign nationality if he or she is granted Croatian citizenship
  3. They have resided in the Republic of Croatia continuously for 8 years and hold the status of a permanent resident
  4. Passed a test of the Croatian language and culture (unless the person is over 60 years old)
  5. From his or her behavior can be inferred that he or she respects the legal order and customs in the Republic of Croatia.

Benefits Of The Croatian Residency Program

  • A vibrant economy offering significant infrastructure, transportation, and energy projects is being developed in the nation.
  • An expat-friendly tax regime with 100% tax exemption on certain foreign incomes.
  • Convenient travel and stay in all EU nations along with visa-free access to developed American and Asian nations.
  • Excellent educational facilities with free and compulsory education for children aged between seven and 15 years.
  • Balanced development with access to all modern facilities along with natural beauty including the long coastline.
  • When you receive a residence permit for yourself, you can also issue it for your family members – children and spouses
  • The opportunity to get a driver’s license from the European sample.

Croatia Residency Requirements And Qualifications

  • Applicants must first apply for a temporary stay permit at the local Ministry of the Interior (Ministartsvo Unutarnjih Poslova) office.
  • EEA nationals must apply for a Certificate of reporting a temporary stay. This certificate has a validity of up to five years.
  • Non-EEA nationals must seek a temporary work and stay permit outside the annual quota. This permit has a validity of up to one year.

Application for a permanent residence permit can be made after a legal stay in Croatia for an uninterrupted period of five years. The stay will be considered uninterrupted provided-

  • One-time absences don’t exceed six months over a five-year period, and
  • Multiple absences, together, don’t exceed ten months over a five-year period

Steps And Timeline

Steps: Residence Permit

Step #1 Visit MUP or the embassy
If you need a visa to enter Croatia, you must apply at the closest Croatian embassy or consulate outside of Croatia.

If you don’t need a visa to enter Croatia, you can apply at the administrative police station closest to your future Croatian residence. Find the Stranci (Foreigners) desk and let them know you wish to apply for residence based on other purposes

Step #2 Submit your application and required documents

Step #3 Wait patiently

Step #4 Approved!

Step #5 Apply for a residence card called biometrijska dozvola boravka within 8 days from the approval.

At this time, may need to do several things:

  • Give your fingerprints
  • Give your signature
  • Give your passport photos
  • Pay the fees to MUP

Step #6 Pick up your residence card

Our Services

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Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Croatia, assisting in getting you settled in the country and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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Yes. Dual citizenship is permitted in Croatia.

To obtain citizenship, you need to permanently reside in this country for eight years (five years for a residence permit and another three on the basis of permanent residence).

Yes, during the first five years you must have lived in Croatia for at least ten months a year.

A representative office is not an economic entity, therefore, it should not and cannot conduct economic activity.

No. Any nationality are welcome to apply for the program.

Yes, there is such an opportunity. They will also have the opportunity to study in Croatia.

Obtaining a residence permit card takes approximately one month.

Residence permit of Croatia for registration of a representative office is issued for one year. Renewal is required two months before its expiration date. Further, the document is extended for one more year.

All persons living in Croatia for more than 182 days a year are considered tax residents of that state.

Refusal of a residence permit is possible if documents on the availability or rental of housing, a certificate of the availability of funds and other papers stipulated by the current legislation are not provided.

Yes, residents of this state can apply for a mortgage or installment plan for the purchase of the real estate.

Resident taxpayers are subject to worldwide taxation in Croatia.

Non-resident taxpayers are liable to pay tax in Croatia on Croatian-source income.