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Acquisition: 36 months

Capital required: AZN 500,000

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Capital required: -

About Azerbaijan Citizenship and Residency

Foreigners and stateless persons intending to reside temporarily in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan should get a relevant permit for it. Permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan is issued to foreigners and stateless persons by the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Applications of foreigners and stateless persons for issuance of permits for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan are processed within the period provided by the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan ”On State Fee” by the amount of state fee paid under this Law.


Temporary Residence 

A temporary residence permit can be granted to people who:

  • When you married to a citizen of Azerbaijan or with close ties/family of an Azerbaijan citizen
  • Invest 500,000 AZN for temporary residence in Azerbaijan
  • Open a deposit account with a minimum of 50,000 AZN for temporary residency in Azerbaijan
  • Work in the country and has a work permit for temporary residency in Azerbaijan
  • Studying in Azerbaijan at one of the universities in the country


A temporary residence permit in Azerbaijan is granted for one year and can be extended four times, for one year each time. The duration of temporary residence corresponds with that of a work permit. Liens leaving Azerbaijan must return within the validity period of their temporary residence permit.

To extend a temporary residency permit, you must make an application at least 22 working days before the permit expires.

An extension is issued in the following situations:

  • It is necessary an urgent treatment;
  • A close relative is seriously ill or has died
  • For work purpose


Foreigner and stateless persons are issued a permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the following cases:

  • In case they are a close family member of Azerbaijan citizen. The parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, sisters and brothers having common parents are considered to be close relatives by law.
  • In case they possess real estate in Azerbaijan which is worth at least 100,000 manats (AZN) or funds in the same amount in the banks in Azerbaijan; In such cases, the price of the real estate in Azerbaijan is assessed by independent assessment agencies, and the real contract price of the real estate is not taken into consideration by authorities.
  • In case they are highly qualified specialists in the spheres of economy, industry, defense, science, culture, sports, etc.
  • In case they are family members of foreigners and stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • In case they hold positions of head or deputy head of a company registered in Azerbaijan and owned by a foreign person, or where they hold such positions in the branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • In case they invest at least 500,000 manats (AZN) in the economy of Azerbaijan.
  • In case they engage in entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Azerbaijan, this is only considered as a ground for issuance of a permit for temporary residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan where visa this entrepreneurship at least 5 persons (on full time) or 10 persons (on part-time) are employed. In this case, at least 80 percent of the employees are required to be citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  •  In case they obtain full-time education at institutions of higher education (universities) and technical schools (vocational colleges), as well as in case they obtain an education at secondary schools in the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • In case they are engaged in a professional religious activity at officially registered religious institutions
  • In case there are grounds envisaged by the international agreements of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Permanent Residence Permits 

A permanent residence permit can be granted after a temporary residence permit holder has lived legally in Azerbaijan for two years. Permanent residents are issued an exit visa when they leave Azerbaijan and they must return within the validity period of their permanent residence permit. They can live in state housing and join public unions.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE – a medical certificate is required for resident permit applications. Only a medical certificate that has been issued in Azerbaijan is considered valid.

Responsibilities of Foreigners Living in Azerbaijan

Foreigners must pay taxes and conform to residency permit requirements. Foreigners cannot vote and are not subject to military service.



A foreigner or a stateless person who legally resides on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic uninterruptedly and permanently for the last 5 years, who has a legal source of income and undertakes to abide by the Constitution and Azerbaijani legislation, as well submits a document certifying his/her knowledge of the state language, may be admitted to the citizenship of the Azerbaijan Republic upon his/her own application regardless of his/her origin, social and property status, race and nationality, sex, educational background, language, religious views, political and other convictions. The term of permanent residence on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic of foreigners and the stateless person is calculated from the date of issuance of the permanent residence permit in the established order. The term uninterrupted stay on the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic is recognized to be uninterrupted only if the person has been outside Azerbaijan for not more than 3 months in a year.

Benefits Of Azerbaijan Residency By Investment Program

  • Foreigners can work
  • Can use local banks
  • Freedom of movement and choice of residence
  • Can marry and divorce an Azerbaijan citizen
  • Healthcare
  • Home and travel insurance
  • Study at educational institutions
  • Engagement in labor activity


Foreigners and stateless persons may worship any religion. But they cannot have religious propaganda. Foreigners and stateless persons may not be members of political parties in the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijan Residency Requirements And Qualifications

Required Documents:

  • Application form (annex) to grant temporary residence permission;
  • The copy of a passport or any other substituting document of foreigners and the document confirming the identity of a stateless person;
  • Notarized or other equally certified document confirming the existence of the cases giving basis to grant temporary residence permission;
  • Foreigner’s and stateless person’s health certificates as well as the medical reference about not being infected by any contagious diseases (Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, Hepatitis B and C Viruses) included in the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
  • Copy of the relevant document entitling foreigners and stateless persons to reside and stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • 2 photos (3x4cm), against a red background;
  • Notarized written consent of children between the ages of 14-17;
  • Notarized copy of the document entitling to move for a residence (Exact from the state register of real estate about state registration of property right, order, permit or rental agreement or other documents as set forth in the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan).
  • Notarized application of the person offering a residential area to foreigners and stateless persons named to the Chief of State Migration Service.
  • Notarized copy of the person’s identity card offering a residential area to foreigners and stateless persons.
  • Receipt of state fee payment (in case of issuing relevant permit)


Steps And Timeline

Step 1: Complete the online application – Completing the Azerbaijan e-Visa application is simple. Enter your details into the relevant fields of the online form. You will need to provide a contact email address, your passport details, and basic information like your name and nationality. You will also need to provide information about your accommodation in Azerbaijan and answer some standard questions relating to health and security. Then, simply upload a digital copy of your passport information page and you will be ready to submit the Azerbaijan e-Visa online application.

Step 2: Confirm Payment – Part of the Azerbaijan e-Visa application involves covering a small processing fee. This can be done using a credit or debit card. Secure serves to protect online transactions. Paying the Azerbaijan e-Visa fee is as easy as entering your card details when prompted.

Step 3: Receive Approved Visa – Once you have completed and submitted your Azerbaijan e-Visa application form, the information will be processed. The approved visa will be sent by email to the account you provide on your online questionnaire. It may take up to 3 working days to receive your e-Visa, although in most cases, applications are processed within 24 hours.



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Azerbaijan does not recognize dual nationality and it can be grounds for criminal prosecution. Persons who acquire another nationality are required to notify the authorities within thirty days or risk denaturalization and/or payment of fines under the Criminal Code.

In order to apply for a permanent residency visa, foreigners must have been residing in Azerbaijan with a temporary visa for a minimum of two years and provide an official medical certificate confirming that they are able bodied and well.

Yes, knowledge of Azerbaijani language is required. 

No interview required.

5 years of continuous permanent residence, legal source of income, undertaking to abide by the Constitution and Laws of Azerbaijan, and knowledge of Azerbaijani language is required.

A resident’s taxable income in Azerbaijan is comprised of worldwide income, income generated in and outside Azerbaijan. The taxable base of residents is determined as the difference between gross income for a calendar year and expenses (or deductions). 

A non-resident’s taxable income in Azerbaijan is comprised only of the income generated from sources in Azerbaijan. 

There are no inheritance taxes in Azerbaijan.

A foreigner can buy real estate (immovable property) in Azerbaijan, with the exception of land. If your a foreign citizen or stateless person, you can buy a house, villa, apartment, commercial property and other property, but not land.