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Paspoort rang
Visumvrije landen

Acquisitie: "niet vermelden"

Benodigd kapitaal: $75,000

Acquisitie: 6-24 maanden

Benodigd kapitaal: $500, 000

About Bangladesh Citizenship and Residency

Bangladesh offers both citizenships by investment and residency by investment. A visa must be applied for before the individual enters Bangladesh. The type of visa requirement depends on the purpose of the individual’s entry into Bangladesh.  These are issued by the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).

Citizenship by investment:

An investor in existing/new/under construction/upcoming industrial/commercial entity in the private sector under joint venture or 100% foreign owned company wants to go to Bangladesh for the purpose of investment/management of established business/commercial organization, they are eligible to apply for this category visa.

Visum voor investeerders

An investor visa may be issued for a maximum of one (1) year with single, double, or multiple entries. Duration of stay in this category is as required.
Extension up to five (5) years could be obtained from the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP)in Bangladesh.

Investeringsmogelijkheden: This amount is non-repatriable.

  • invest $ 500,000 (U.S.) in an industrial or commercial project in Bangladesh
  • transfer $1,000,000.00 to any recognized financial institution in Bangladesh

Residency by investment:

  • Permanent Residentship By Investing A Minimum Of US$ 75,000 ( Non-Repatriable).

Citizenship by Naturalization:

Naturalization is at the discretion of the Bangladesh government and may be provided categorically or by withholding certain rights and privileges. However, generally, those meeting the following requirements may apply for naturalization:

  • must be residing in Bangladesh for at least 5 years, having resided continuously for 12 months;
  • be of good character;
  • intent to reside in Bangladesh.

Those who naturalize as Bangladeshi citizens must give up any other nationalities or citizenships. After the naturalized alien has taken the oath, the spouse and children may apply for naturalization.

Benefits Of The Bangladesh Citizenship and Residency By Investment Program

Benefits: Residency by Investment

  • Instant residency settlement
  • Better quality of life
  • World-class education
  • Best healthcare facilities
  • Opportunity to establish a new business or expand existing business
  • Better tax planning and prudent wealth management
  • No mandatory requirement to live in the country
  • Easier access to international travel
  • Pad naar burgerschap

Benefits: Citizenship by Investment

  • No residency requirements once you acquire citizenship.
  • Access to world-class education
  • No age, education and business/work experience requirements.
  • Geen taalvereisten
  • Access to the best healthcare facilities
  • A great future investment for your family

Bangladesh Citizenship Requirements And Qualifications

Following documents are needed to send/ submit to get a visa from the Embassy of Bangladesh:

  • 1 (one) copy duly filled-in https://www.visa.gov.bd/
  • 1 (one) copy of recent photographs (Size: 37mmX37mm)
  • Original valid passport (valid at least for 6 months)
  • Proof of payments of required visa fee (please check required visa fee for your country and category) transferred to Embassy Bank Account
  • Required documents to get a visa of your category/type 
  • Self-addressed envelope with a sufficient stamp for sending passport by registered post (if you want passport back by post)
  • Recommendation letter from BOI/BEPZA

Stappen en tijdlijn

1. Apply online

2. Make the payment. 

3. Submit all documents to the High Commission.

The Embassy will send a processing certificate for renunciation of Bangladesh Nationality within 7 working days if all the requirements (serial numbers 1- 6 on the above) are fulfilled by the applicant. The certificate will send in a self-addressed envelope to the applicant.
To get the final renunciation certificate, approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dhaka, Bangladesh is required and it takes around 06 (six) months to 02 (two) years.

Onze diensten

Privacy World biedt zijn diensten aan iedereen aan, niet alleen die op zoek is naar een verblijfs- en/of burgerschapsprocessen, maar onze experts zoeken ook naar legale manieren om:

  • Vind de beste oplossing voor uw behoeften.
  • Identificeer en implementeer een strategie om u te helpen uw doelen te bereiken.
  • Activeer ons netwerk van mensen in het land waar u hulp nodig heeft zonder dat u hoeft te zoeken naar de beste oplossing of advocaat. We werken alleen met bevoegde mensen in elk land die we zorgvuldig doorlichten en doorgeven aan onze richtlijnen en principes van privacy waar we voor staan.
  • Concentreer u op het doorbreken van de bureaucratie en het versnellen van uw proces.
  • Zorg voor een goede communicatie met u over uw zaak.
    …. en vooral: u juridische strategieën bieden om extra privacylagen voor uw identiteit te bieden, terwijl u uw verblijfsvergunning of staatsburgerschap verkrijgt!

Privacy World can also help you with incorporating your company in Bangladesh, assisting in getting you settled in the country and coordinating with you so that this experience will be less of a hassle.

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Veelgestelde vragen

Nee. Dual citizenship is not allowed in Bangladesh. Exception: The government of Bangladesh reserves the right to recognize dual citizenship in certain cases.

It takes 5 years of residency to obtain citizenship in the country.

It has a validity of 1 year with an extension of up to 5 years.

BIDA is the apex investment promotion agency of Bangladesh and was formed in 2016 under the BIDA Act, 2016 to promote and facilitate local and foreign private sector investment.

Residents are taxed on worldwide income. However, foreign nationals, though resident for tax purposes are generally taxed only on income earned from working in Bangladesh and on foreign income received from Bangladesh sources.

Non-residents are taxed only on income received, accrued, or deemed to accrue or be received in Bangladesh. Consequently, their income accruing outside Bangladesh, not in connection to Bangladesh, is not taxable in Bangladesh.