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Passaporti diplomatici


Privacy World's experienced team and extensive global connections can help you legally obtain a diplomatic passport. Diplomatic passports are extremely difficult to get, but the benefits can be significant.

Privacy World has the experience and relationships to help you secure interviews with the proper authorities. We assist clients with the preparation for those interviews to enhance their chances of legally procuring a diplomatic passport and leverage our "on the ground" force in those respective countries.



Diplomatic passports significantly ease the burdens of international travel for government employees, consuls, and other high-ranking officials.

While eligibility and benefits may slightly vary by country, in general, the benefits of having a diplomatic passport may include:

  • Diplomatic immunity (to a certain degree)
  • Maggiore sicurezza e protezione della privacy
  • VIP treatments and open channels within diplomatic circles
  • Viaggi senza visto e/o meno restrizioni sui visti
  • Esenzione dalla maggior parte dei controlli aeroportuali e dallo sdoganamento accelerato
  • Tax exemption from import duty and tariffs for personal use

The full extent of benefits, responsibilities, and details is governed by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961). You can access the PDF file HERE!

Evita le truffe

I passaporti diplomatici non possono essere acquistati, quindi fai attenzione a qualsiasi sito Web o servizio che offre di venderli, poiché il passaporto che riceverai sarà falso. L'uso di un passaporto falso può portare ad arresti e multe.

Authentic diplomatic passports can only be obtained through a diplomatic appointment after passing one or multiple in-person interviews with the respective government.

Non fidarti di nessun servizio che ti offre di venderti un passaporto diplomatico!

Come aiutiamo

Privacy World’s global network can assist you in securing diplomatic passports, legally and efficiently.

We have developed strong working relationships with local governments and departments of foreign affairs, so our team of experts and consultants can help you get your diplomatic appointment, schedule your interviews, and prepare you with confidence.

  • Once we confirm your eligibility, we will identify which countries are currently accepting applications for diplomatic appointments.
  • We connect you with authority personnel who used to be in charge of submissions in one of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to review your application for competency.
  • We assist you with obtaining your paperwork and help you prepare, and submit all necessary documents that you will need for your interview.
  • We will leverage all our connections on the ground to get you the chance to be called in for an interview.
  • Una volta assicurato il colloquio diplomatico, verrai avvisato da noi e ti aiuteremo a impostare le modalità per fare una grande impressione.

PREZZO Passaporto Diplomatico

We save you time and money by confirming your eligibility and by only applying to countries that are actively accepting applications or that there is a reasonable chance based on a variety of factors that they would consider an application.

We charge a flat-rate fee for this service that includes ONE submission, with additional submissions available at a discounted rate. We charge a separate fee once our client receives an in-person interview appointment for their diplomatic passports.

Take advantage of Privacy World’s experience to ensure you attain your diplomatic passport legally. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you begin enjoying the many benefits of a diplomatic passport.